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We do not have a shelter facility. The dogs are all in private foster homes. Primarily adoptions are arranged by the applicant completing an adoption application which can be found on this website. After we receive and review the application the applicant will be contacted to arrange a home visit. Please be aware that due to geographical location we may not be able to process all applications. For the most part we only are able to work within Indiana and there are parts of Indiana we do not have a volunteer near enough to in order to arrange a home visit. Following the home visit and approval of the application arrangements will be made for the applicant to meet the sheltie(s) that may be appropriate for them to adopt. Some of the shelties may be located closer to the applicant than others. Sometimes we have some of the shelties at public events for an interested person to meet prior to making an application but otherwise we do not ask foster homes to host people in their homes that have not completed the adoption application process. No applicant is obligated to adopt by placing an application but it is the primary way we and most rescue groups arrange adoptions.

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Rainbow Bridge

Ginny never got to have a family adopt her but Indiana Sheltie Rescue and her Foster Mom gave her the best care she could have in the years she had left. Ginny had many health problems but was still a sweet dog that made people smile. She was approximately 13 years old (estimated) and went to Rainbow Bridge on 03/17/2014. Gone but never forgotten. Run free Ginny! Ginny&Pumpkin

The Dog That No One Wanted 3/9/15

In the winter during 2004, I wasn't wanted and was carelessly tossed out the door.

I gave birth to puppies all by myself .No one knew that I was needing some help.

Food and water were so hard to find, I had puppies to feed so much of the time.

I did the best I could with what I knew My puppies ate well and certainly grew.

The Sheltie Rescue tried hard to find me a home. So many families didn't like my tone.

I wasn't given a chance, the visits did end And I wasn't able to prove I could be someone's best friend.

On September 3rd of 2004, Mrs. Vaughan opened her heart and also her door. I watched over her for ten and a half years. She'd always kiss me and hug me and rub both my ears.

Through the years, I developed a very bad heart.

I knew Mrs. Vaughan and I would soon have to part.

Thank God for placing me in a home with a need.

I rescued her while she rescued me.

From: Kimmie

Address: Heaven



  • Congratulations to ISR adopted Sheltie “Dante”

    Dante was adopted by Nancy Davis and recently he was named "Pet of the Year" by Petco. For this honor he receives a cash award, free grooming , food and toys. Congratulations Dante. (Dante was formerly called "Diego" when up for adoption by ISR)


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