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Indiana Sheltie Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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Indiana Sheltie Rescue
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Noblesville, Indiana 46060
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September 2017
Kirk Schuster in memory of my shelties Dock and Dolly
Anita Skillman
August 2017
Indiana Collie Club in honor of members Karen Adam and Sheila Ketchins
June 2017
March 2017
David Burns and Debra Frankenberg in honor of ISR Sheltie Lilly’s 17th Birthday.
January 2017
Matthew and Patricia Holda
Central Indiana Shetland Sheepdog Club, Inc.
Kristin Stillman, Helping Hearts Club
Emily Talaga and Gina Elliott in memory of ISR sheltie Maurie Falkenberg
George and Judi Schmidt
Pat Life
Gregory Somerville
Sam Lupear
December 2016
Carl & June Dewey, in memory of LadyBug from June, Carl and Pepsi
Karen Dardzinski
Tammy Gilbert
Elizabeth Beck
Ann Pilkington
Beth Hollingsworth in honor of Chip and in memory of Toby, ISR adopted Shelties
Jack and Beverly Falkenberg
Debbie and Gary Hood
Franck and Nan Nierzwicki
Sandra Hixon
Tom and Iovita Cain
Laura Harris
Joe Kinney
Carole Hamon
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Smith
Greg and Cheri Ritz
Tau-San Chou and Shun-Ten Julie Lee
Steve and Cathy Overmyer
Barb and Nancy Sheets in memory of adopted ISR Sheltie Kelsey
Claudia and Gary Franck
Pat Prosser, in memory of ISR adopted shelties; Ginger, Maisie and Braxton.
Debbie Miller
Claudia Frank
Diane Shelton
Martha Langham
Betty Stump
Greg Wagoner
The Henslers
Kaye Wininger
Chuck and Linda Falter
Kirk Shuster
Angie Geiger
Vickie Dielman
Janice Lynch
Ron and Martha Black
Robert Drake
Ann Kelley
Jim Morrison in memory of Marcella Dub
Mary Kay Matasky
Marvin and Tina Courtney
October 2016
In memory of Betty Joe Pearson — Betty Middleton
Lisa and Jack Alvey
September 2016
“In memory of “Handsome Hank” McClure beloved sheltie of the McClure Family.” — Kirk Shuster
August 2016
Kirk Shuster memorial contributions
July 2016
Phil and Ashley Rendina
June 2016
Jack and Beverly Falkenberg in memory of adopted ISR Sheltie Winnie Miller
March 2016
Kristin Stillman
Ellie Casebolt-Flannigan
February 2016
Indiana Collie Club in appreciation of members Sheila Ketchins and Karen Adams
Matthew Holda
Mary and Frank Nierzwicki
Kathy Kinzel
January 2016
Matthew Holda
David and Anne Yaste
Anne Granieri
Sam and Peggy Lupear
Greg and Cherie Ritz
Carolyn Goeke
Ann Pilkington
George and Judi Schmidt
Kevin Babb
Betty Stop in memory of adopted ISR sheltie Gabe
Penny Little
Gregory Somerville
Jenny Huth
Michael Saylor in memory of Judy Saylor
Ann Kelley
December 2015
Karen Dardzinski
Babs Beck
Donna and David Waellner
Richard Kotzenmacher
Brad and Beth Lucas
John and Connie McGinty in honor of adopted ISR sheltie Ronan
Patricia Lunberg
Paul and Barb Schoppman
Rose and Marion Carter
Maggie Talmage
Tammy Gilbert in memory of adopted ISR sheltie Mia
Pat Life
Mike and Becky Harkness
Bill and Vi Sloan
Kaye Wininger
Joann Jones
Shun-ten Julie Lee and Tay-San Chou
Laura Harns
Don and Martha Black
Bec Hunter
Jack and Bev Falkenberg
Nancy Davis in memory of adopted ISR sheltie Fletcher
Kelli Witmer and Kathy Cochard
Claudia Frank im memory of Posey
Dee Lowe
Steven Hensler
Mary Kay Matasky
Beth Hollingsworth in memory of adopted ISR sheltie Toby
Gary and Debbie Hood
Betty Goodin
Carole Hamon
John and Christine O’Donnell
Carl and June Dewey in memory of adopted ISR sheltie Ladybug
The Lynch Family
Julie Haff
Greg Wagoner
Robert and Terry White
Laurie Storm in honor of Anne Yaste
Judy Tucker
Diane Shelton
Joe Kinney
Archie and Carol Smith
Norman and Dorthy Terry
Debbie Miller
Chuck and Linda Falter
Nancy Magi
Vera Lamar
Pat Prosser in memory of Ginger and Maisie and in honor of Braxton
November 2015
William Milton and Susan Dixon in memory of ISR adopted Sheltie “Ralph”
October 2015
Kirk Shuster in memory of Mark Shuster
September 2015
Sara and Dean Falkenberg in memory of ISR adopted Sheltie “Ralph”
Anonymous employee at Roche Diagnostics
August 2015
Anonymous employee at Roche Diagnostics
Jack & Bev Falkenberg in Memory of ISR Sheltie “Ralph” adopted by Sara and Dean Falkenberg
July 2015
E.D. Aldred in Memory of adopted Sheltie “Angel”
Anonymous employee at Roche Diagnostics
Carolyn Goeke in Memory of adopted ISR Sheltie “Kirby Jacobs”
June 2015
Anonymous employee at Roche Diagnostics
Kirk Shuster in Memory of David Zumwalt
May 2015
Mary Kay Matasky in Memory of Cynthia Fett’s Sheltie “Kayla”
Kirk Shuster in Memory of Deena McClure’s Sheltie “Corman”
Hyumja Schetzle
April 2015
Matt and Patricia Holda
Johnson & Johnson
Vi and Bill Sloan in memory of ISR Foster Sheltie “Chester”and in honor of Cynthia and Greg Fett
March 2015
Rosemarie and Marion Carter
Tom and Loveta Cain, in memory of adopted ISR Sheltie, “Lily”
Kristin and Dale Stillman
February 2015
Rob Buckles
January 2015
Matthew Holda
Dr. Max and Barb Rudicel
Don and Jan Clark
Johnson & Johnson Employee Funds