Memorial 2014




The Dog That No One Wanted   (3/9/15)

In the winter during 2004,

I wasn’t wanted and was carelessly tossed out the door.

I gave birth to puppies all by myself

No one knew that I was needing some help.


Food and water were so hard to find,

I had puppies to feed so much of the time.

I did the best I could with what I knew

My puppies ate well and certainly grew.


The Sheltie Rescue tried hard to find me a home.

So many families didn’t like my tone.

I wasn’t given a chance, the visits did end

And I wasn’t able to prove I could be someone’s best friend.


On September 3rd of 2004,

Mrs. Vaughan opened her heart and also her door.

I watched over her for ten and a half years

She’d always kiss me and hug me and rub both of my ears.


Through the years, I developed a very bad heart

I knew Mrs. Vaughan and I would soon have to part.

Thank God for placing me in a home with a need.

I rescued her while she rescued me.


From: Kimmie

Address: Heaven